Breaking the Mold – U.S. OPEN at Erin Hills USGA

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Every step along the way in creating this 30 second spot for the U.S. Open was a designer’s dream. We worked with a tremendously trusting and inclusive client. We teamed up with strong, capable partners with Able, GroundBIRD, and Cowen Media to make this come to life!

We spoke with local geologists infinitely knowledgeable with the Kettle Moraine area around Erin Hills. These conversations should have been recorded because they were fascinating. They know this area of the country, (dating back to over 10,000 years ago, to the time of the Ice Age) and they know it well. These talks helped shape our concepts, and their expertise guided our decision making.

Top it off with the fact that the dreamwires team are all golf fans, so getting to witness this finished piece as the autoplay video for visitors to during the entirety of the event, was a special honor.


Creative Director:


3D Animation:

Able VFX

Motion Design:



Charlie Snogans

Course Imagery:

Cowen Media

Sound Design:


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Breaking the Mold – U.S. OPEN at Erin Hills USGA

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