This is the Juice… TRUE Organic

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We worked with the down to earth people at TRUE for their commercial spot for their organic juice brand. We came up with the concept of “This is the Juice…” based on the nursery rhyme “The House That Jack Built.”

When we made our way to Bakersfield, CA to visit Grimmway’s farms in person, we met the people behind TRUE. It was a memorable experience from start to finish. Our two man shoot, (myself and Eitan Almagor) took place over two days. We found ourselves inches away from Star Wars looking carrot pickers, Travel & Leisure style backdrops, and brutal backroads that even our rugged SUV struggled to navigate. Back in New York City, we shot all of the product shots over a number of Brooklyn based locations. The result is the commercial spot here.


Creative Design:





Jennifer Petersen

Sound Design:


Director of Photography:

Eitan Aviel Almagor

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This is the Juice… TRUE Organic

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