A.J. Richard Learning Center Videos P.C. Richard & Son

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What started as a 5 video experiment on air conditioners, blossomed into over 70 informational videos covering a large percentage of the P.C. Richard product line including home automation, appliances, mattresses, and sound systems.

We really love the team here. They truly are a family operation, and they have outlasted their competitors simply by listening to the winds of change. We worked closely with their broadcast and digital teams emphasizing the goals of these videos which were to keep the content digestible, informative, and straight forward.

We went out on location to a number of stores in the Long Island area, shot our content, designed the internal and package graphics, and edited the pieces.

Go into any P.C. Richard store and mention Pat Dehner, the guy is a legend.

The clip here to the left is a sampling of the range of videos we created.


Video Production:


Motion Design:


Post Production:

dreamwires / Mattock / George Lazaros / Zach Wood

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A.J. Richard Learning Center Videos P.C. Richard & Son

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